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One of the most popular and easily recognizable of the Wind Instruments, the Saxophone has become an iconic Instrument. Notable players such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Michael Brecker have pushed the boundaries of the instrument’s capabilities, resulting in new, previously unimagined sounds. At the School of Music, we offer Saxophone Lessons for all ages. Our Instructors use various Methods and Textbooks that include Rubank, Essential Elements, and others. Typical Saxophone repertoire focuses on Classical, Jazz, and Pop Rock Styles. Students from beginner through advanced are welcome.

The Saxophone was invented by Belgian Flautist / Clarinetist, Adolphe Sax around the year 1840. The instrument’s use was somewhat limited in the 19th Century as it was largely considered a novelty instrument within the World of Classical Music. However, as new musical styles began to emerge in the US, the Saxophone’s popularity began to gain traction in the early part of the 20th Century. It’s use in the Vaudeville and Ragtime idioms would eventually pave the way to it’s introduction into Jazz in it’s various forms. Ironically, the Saxophone would at this time begin to emerge as a bona fide Classical Instrument, being used in numerous Chamber and Orchestral Works.

The Saxophone, like String Instruments, comes in different sizes. The most widely used Saxophones however, include the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones. These both vary in size and pitch range with the pitch going higher the smaller the instrument becomes. Students in School Bands and Orchestras however will most likely play the Alto Sax. Saxophones like some other Woodwinds and Brass Instruments are transposing instruments usually being in Eb or Bb. This means that music written for the Saxophone will sound higher or lower than music written for Concert Instruments like the Piano of Violin.

Private saxophone lessons are offered on a weekly basis and provide:

  • One-on-one interaction between student and instructor
  • Highly personalized learning program
  • Individual attention and pace
  • More direct tracking of progress
  • More flexible scheduling
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