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Over the past decade or so, it has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due high profile Musicians such as Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Eddie Vedder and Ukulele Virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro playing the diminutive instrument. It’s portability and ease of play have also added it’s recent popularity. The School of Music offers Ukulele Lessons to students ages 5 though retirement age. We give students the option of learning though Standard Notation or through Tablature and Chord Diagrams. Textbooks such as Essential Elements, Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, Rob MacKillop, and various repertoire.

Usually thought of a Hawaiian instrument, the Ukulele is actually an adaption of the Portuguese Machete, being brought to Hawai by Portuguese Immigrants. Developed in the 1880’s, the Ukulele is a four string member of the Guitar Family. The word Ukulele however is a Native Hawaiian word roughly meaning jumping flea. Throughout the 20th Century, the popularity of the Ukulele spread throughout the world.

Ukuleles come in 4 sizes (from smallest to largest) – Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. With the exception of the Baritone, they are all tuned AEGC from the 1st string to the 4th string. Often the Soprano, Concert, and Tenor Ukuleles employ a reentrant tuning which means that the 4th string is actually higher in pitch than the 3rd string, creating an unusual but beautiful effect. While they are usually associated with Hawaiian Music, they have been adapted to play Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic, and a host of other types of music.

Private ukulele lessons are offered on a weekly basis and provide:

  • One-on-one interaction between student and instructor
  • Highly personalized learning program
  • Individual attention and pace
  • More direct tracking of progress
  • More flexible scheduling
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Group Ukulele Lessons

Group ukulele lessons are offered once a week and provide:

  • Teamwork approach to learning
  • More emphasis on learning songs
  • Longer session time
  • More social interaction with other students
  • More incentive to practice for some students
  • Familiarizes students with performing in front of others
Group Ukulele Lessons - Kids
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Guitar & Ukulele Jam

Come join us in a fun-filled, casual way to increase your skills by playing with other guitar and ukulele players.

Guitar and Ukulele Jam

The School of Music provides private and group music lessons, organized ensemble and band lessons and special music events to students of all ages and skill levels. Our qualified instructors and proven history set us apart as the premier music instruction organization in Rockville, MD.

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