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Similar in appearance but slightly larger than the Violin, the Viola is another one of the core Stringed Instruments in use today. It’s tuning is different and is lower in pitch than the Violin. Thus the Viola often plays “inner” melodic lines that provide Harmonic support for compositions. The School of Music provides Viola Lessons for ages 5 through retirement age. Our Instructors utilize various Methods and textbooks for teaching Viola. These range from Suzuki to other Traditional Methods which are often combined.

The Viola has been known by various names such as the Viola da Braccio in Italian, the Bratsche in German, and others. Historically, the Viola’s development mirrors that of other instruments of the Violin Family in Northern Italy of the 16th Century. Throughout it’s history the Viola has served as in an Alto register instrument where it has provided harmonic support. However, in the 20th Century well known composers such as Hindemith, Debussy, and Bartok would write works for the Viola that featured it in a more prominent role. In modern times, the Viola is a Standard fixture in the Classical Orchestra as well as various School Orchestras.

The Modern Viola is distinguished from the other bowed stringed instruments not only by it’s size (smaller than a Cello but larger than a Violin) but also in that I uses the Alto Clef. In fact, it is only the Viola that uses the Alto Clef ; all other use either the Treble, Tenor, or Bass Clefs. Additionally, while it is also tuned in 5ths like a Violin, the Viola’s tuning is C-G-D-A whereas the Violin is tuned G-D-A-E. In terms of construction, Viola’s are made of Wood and require the use of a Bow, both of which are dimensionally about 30% larger than a Violin. While the Viola does require more hand strength to play than the Violin, perhaps one of the rewards is it’s distinctive, dark, rich tone.

Private viola lessons are offered on a weekly basis and provide:

  • One-on-one interaction between student and instructor
  • Highly personalized learning program
  • Individual attention and pace
  • More direct tracking of progress
  • More flexible scheduling
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