Alto Saxophone Rental


  • Starting at $52 per month
  • Rent-to-own
  • Includes: Instrument Case, Starter Reed, Shoulder Strap
  • Plan includes: Free Repairs
  • Meet or surpass MENC requirements
  • You do not need to be enrolled at our school to rent
  • No Credit Checks or intrusive applications!
  • 50% Early Payoff

Rent: $52/mo – $57/mo

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Here at The School of Music, we’re so much more than a instrument lessons store. We provide rentals, repairs, lessons, events, education, and can help you out with any type of instrument need! We work for the musicians of all ages and abilities. We gladly provide excellent service to any and all of those who are also in pursuit of the great gift of music.


We back all of the instruments that ship out to our students. In the event of damage or needed repairs, we have colaborated with a team of expert instrument technicians, so that you are guaranteed quality work in a timely manor,


Checking out your instrument on our website is easy and hassle-free. We keep our rental costs low for our customers and even offer FREE SHIPPING when you choose to ship your instrument directly to your school!


We understand that life happens, whether your child outgrows their instrument, chooses not to pursue music any further, or if your instrument becomes damaged, we are easy to contact and make shipping an instrument back to us a breeze. You may return or exchange the instrument, or cancel the monthly payments for the instrument at any time,


Our low monthly warranty cost means that Instruments which need repairs can be sent to the shop for FREE MAINTENANCE AND DAMAGE REPAIRS. We guarantee a fast turn around rate, however, in the event that your instrument will be in for an extended period of time, we will send a temporary instrument rental to you, so that you don’t miss a beat.


When you rent with us, ALL of your payments can be applied toward purchasing the instrument. At any time, you can purchase your instrument early & take 50% off of your remaining balance!


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